Relieve Recover Repeat

...with the Jolt Jr.

Need at Home Pain Relief? Or if you are back to FULL Physical activity again... you need to have ​THE NEW JOLT PRO

The Jolt Pro is currently out of inventory, please call Bill at 208-481-0312 for updated information & availability.


Product Features



20 Variable Speeds

Battery Charge lasts up to 3 hours

Battery Charge Indicator light

Battery re-charges in one hour

Lightweight and Easy to handle

Attractive Carrying Case

Powerful for Deep Therapy

6 Attachments for different needs

Priced Affordably.... Compare other similar tools at hundreds more!

Here are 4 videos explaining how to use the Jolt Pro, for different “PAIN” points it helps address. If you have any questions, please reach out:

Chapter 1: Shoulder and Neck

Chapter 2: Lower Body

Chapter 3: Arm and Wrist

Chapter 4: Lower Leg and Foot

Meet Bill & Deb, owners of
Jolt Therapy Tool.


Bill & Deb aren't just some marketing company trying to push product. They are themselves pickleball players & have been developing and selling the Jolt Therapy Tool for over 5 years.

The NEW JOLT JR is a convenient hand held option or companion to the Jolt Pro.